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Create all your regulatory documents with us!

Prospectus Writer is an Artificial Intelligence software offering a solution to easily create any content and template of regulatory documents. It creates, edits and draws up complex written texts and sections in a matter of seconds.

The solution covers a wide range of document templates in the banking and financial services, from prospectuses, benchmarks reports to legal documents. The creation of these documents can be automated using our technologies, reducing the time of obtention and release of your required documents.

Using the right tool to prepare your fund documents creation matters. With the algorithms we developed, we accelerate this process, reduce risks of errors and allow you to focus on creating business value.

Prospectus Writer for Fund Professionals

Fund professionals need to draw up multiple specialized fund prospectuses, legal documents, KID, etc., to which required information, articles, and rules are attached. The high volume of funds launched daily implies a rapid creation of single templates (Among them AMF standard templates) having complex formal information that is relevant to both asset managers and investors.

Funds documents require accurate information covered in separate sections. We address the need of funds professionals who face challenges to draw up prospectuses with complex-structured sections and content (investments rules, risks profile…).
Our dual expertise both in Finance and Artificial offers a high-quality solution to produce your fund documents more efficiently than ever.

Features include:

Features include:

  • Automatic generation of texts and templates of regulatory documents
  • Deep document segmentation capabilities
  • Natural Language Generation (data text generation)
  • Flexible Versioning
  • Interactive monitoring and tracking
  • Document management

Why choose Document Writer?

It can be expensive and time-consuming to create complete, consistent and compliant financial documents. These tasks are de facto still processed manually or with outdated tools.

With Prospectus Writer:

  • Accelerate your fund launch Time to Market
  • Control the content creation process of your prospectus and increase visibility
  • Reduce costs associated with the launch of your fund
  • Reduce uncertainty and improve your decision-making process
Why choose Document Writer?


Ability to generate a unique text & format for each prospectus



Users can collaborate on the platform and edit sections according to their roles

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Strong deep learning capabilities to draw up the best-fit texts and templates for your documents

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