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With AIFMD and UCITS regulatory obligations, depositary banks have a crucial role in verifying and monitoring the NAV for each fund and its classes on a regular basis.

Fund investment professionals must process the calculation of the NAV, manage its quality and investigate exceptions. In this complex process, the risk of errors arising from human-based intervention is high.

Fortia has developed the first AI solution to automate the NAV plausibility control. Errors linked to the NAV computation are no more an issue. FCheck will help you build a solid, accurate and consistent view of the NAV and quickly detect NAV errors.

Using it as a standalone or as a service SAAS application, FCheck will control, oversee and validate the value of the NAV allowing integration to your existing NAV production systems and transparency across the whole process.

With FCheck:

With FCheck:

  • Automate NAV controls daily
  • Monitor the NAV volatility thresholds
  • Generate alerts…only on real breaches!
  • Avoid reprocessing the calculation of the NAV
  • Scale across many funds and assets classes
  • Collaboration between users in case of errors detected

Features include :

  • NAV Monitoring & Oversight
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Access to historical data
  • Tailored dashboards
  • Prediction capabilities
  • NAV benchmarks
Features include :


  • Drastically reduce false positives
  • Build a consistent view of your NAV management
  • Dynamic system: errors are detected depending on the current state of the market
  • Reduce the calculation time process significantly
Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies

Deep learning models and statistical analysis available technologies

Business Value

Business Value

We ensure the NAV value is correct creating a competitive advantage on the market

Speed to Market

Speed to Market

Results on NAV controls are available in real time allowing users to get the values quickly

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