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On a Mission to Challenge the Status Quo

Since its creation, Fortia Financial Solutions has chosen to be a technology-based company, by investing 50% of its resources in new technologies

Natural language understanding

Natural language understanding

Training computers to read and understand relevant texts

Natural language generation

Natural language generation

Training computers to generate human language

Computer vision

Computer vision

Extracting semantic information from a picture

Time series analysis

Time series analysis

Analyzing information from temporally indexed data

How does it work?

Innova platform relies on Fortia’s proprietary algorithms from its R&D lab to provide outstanding abilities in complex regulatory documents analysis & generation, semantic rules detection, and automated ratios implementation.

The platform loads all your fund investment documents (prospectuses, contracts..etc) and detects rules for investment compliance, in a matter of seconds. Detected rules are ready to use, allowing you to perform key actions and automate complex processes, including business workflows.

Fortia uses the latest machine learning techniques to help clients stay ahead of regulatory changes and challenges using one single platform. The modular platform allows hyper granular controls while maintaining a centralized view on the processes from end to end.

Why are we different?

We have successfully invested in different R&D activities such as text-data mining, big data analysis, and automatic generation of algorithms.

The outcome is concrete results delivered to our customers, streamlined processes and significantly improved business operations.

Our data scientists focus on developing intelligent engines to shape the future of financial institutions processes. We like to create different and unexpected innovations. It is a real state of mind driving the development of each of our product.

Data scientists in Fortia’s research lab are actively involved in international new technologies related events and regularly publish papers.

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