Depositary Services

Depositary Services

Our software platform, Innova® covers the following depositary bank operations:
Trade settlement, Cash Monitoring, Fund Life Cycle Management, Asset Reconciliation, NAV Review and Investment Compliance.


Oversights duties

• Due diligence on fund manager and stakeholders (FA, TA,…)
• Post trade compliance investment and borrowing power monitoring
• Control on subs/reds
• Timely settlement of transactions
• NAV review and NAV plausibility

Cash monitoring

• Overview of all cash movements
• Identification and specific control of significant cash flows
• Monitoring and follow up of anomalies

Safe keeping

• Custody of global financial instruments, with restitution obligation, including assets with tripartite agents
• End to end asset segregation
• Ownership verification and record keeping of ‘other assets’, incl. ‘Look thru

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