Smart technologies to protect your company from fraud and non-compliance risks 

A modular and agile platform

A modular and agile platform

Select modules that suit your needs to fight against fraud and non-compliance. Fortia’s solutions are modular and adaptable to your constraints and operational targets./p>

Innova® Data Management

Innova® DM, for Data Management, is an ETL-type solution (Extract, Transform, Load) allowing to automatically supply the Innova® database with the necessary data for calculations, consolidations, controls or reportings

Innova® Robo-Rules

Innova® Robo-Rules is a state-of-the-art calculation engine covering the whole spectrum of compliance ratios of investment funds, threshold crossing

Innova® ECM

Innova® ECM allows the electronic management and the storage of all the company’s documents (clients, providers, fund prospectuses)

Innova® ERM

Innova® ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) allows modelling the risks faced by the company while identifying the links between the company’s risks, objectives and entities

Innova® IC

Innova® IC (Internal Control) defines and maps the controls for each business entity or activity

Innova® BPM

Innova® BPM for Business Process Management, models and manages the company’s business processes, both in terms of application and of human ressources

Innova® BI

Thanks to powerful data recovery features from the Innova® database or from other sources, Innova® BI drafts any type of reports very easily

Innova® Parsing

Innova® Parsing is a module using powerful Deep Learning algorithms allowing the extraction and the automatic and advanced analysis of all the information

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What clients say about us

  • Our solution leverages smart data processing to rapidly detect the cause of no compliance. Additionally, it uses the data to extract information of value to our customers' other operational processes

    Reda Bouakel CEO
  • "Cela nous ouvre de nouvelles voies que nous n'avions pas imaginées" BNP Paribas "On a gagné 1 an à 1 an et demi de développement en 4 mois", conclut le fondateur de Fortia. De son côté, Mustapha Ouafik de BNP Paribas Securities Services, s'enthousiasme car dans cette collaboration, "la banque s'est mise en mode agile".

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  • 40 RegTech startups to follow - Fortia Financial Solutions (France, 2012) - compliance management platform

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  • Participating in the inaugural season of L’Atelier BNP Paribas' FinTech Accelerator, Fortia has taken a particularly unique route. The start-up immediately teamed up with BNP Paribas Securities Services (BP2S)  to co-develop Innova, its solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning

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  • Innova, un choix réussi , des promesses tenues, des utilisateurs heureux

    La financière d'Uzes La financière d'Uzes
  • En proposant des solutions reposant souvent sur le machine-learning et l'intelligence artificielle, les regtech sont capables de changer le travail des responsables compliance et de faire gagner du temps aux acteurs financiers tout en diminuant les coûts.

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  • Fortia est une RegTech française qui apporte des technologies de rupture aux pratiques réglementaires. Basé sur l’intelligence artificielle, le Machine Learning et l’intelligence collaborative, les solutions Fortia impactent fortement la gestion de la conformité

    AFG Association Française de Gestion 
  •  How Fortia is using Machine learning to Handle Compliance Overload

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A state of the art software platform

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